From 1st of January 2014 Lingosec Ltd. is merged with Transenter BV, Amsterdam.

One of Transenter’s major concerns has always been the security of document management. We tend to pay particular attention to sharing and storing all documents containing customers’ key information properly. By developing advanced security procedures we make our clients aware of how important it is to protect valuable electronic information, which, for instance, can be easily and accidentally shared via the internet or emails. That is why, after much research and development, we have created and introduced Lingosec.

As Lingosec we aim to increase awareness of data privacy and content confidentiality among international corporations and governments. Lingosec provides cutting edge linguistic content protection solutions that minimize the risks of information leaking and economic espionage.


tel. +31 20 808 1509


Office in Netherlands
Keizersgracht 62
1015 CS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

TRANSENTER wins LT-Innovate Award 2014 for LINGOSEC

transenter-lt-innovate-award-winner-2014-small    transenter-lt-innovate-award-2014-small

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